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Sl. No. Periodicals Language Rate in Indian Rupees Foreign (in US $)
For individuals For Library/ Institutions
1 Year Life time (30 years) Per copy 1 Year Life time (30 years) Per copy
1 Indian Coconut Journal (Monthly) English 60 1600 6 200 5000 17 $100
2 Indian Nalikera Journal (Monthly) Malayalam 40 1000 4 200 5000 17
3 Bharatiya Nariyal Patrika (Quarterly) Hindi 40 1000 10
4 Indhia Thennai Idhazh (Quarterly) Tamil 40 1000 10
5 Bharatiya Thengu Patrika (Quarterly) Kannada 40 1000 10
6 Bharatiya Kobbari Patrika (Bi-annually) Telugu 40 1000 20
Processing & Marketing of Coconut in India (SPAMCO II)
Proceeding of the national seminar on processing and marketing of coconut held at Bangalore on 13th January 1994.
Price: Rs.100
Plantation Crops Research and Development in the New Millennium
Proceedings of Placrosym XIV
Horticulture Development in India
Proceedings of the National Horticulture Conference 2000.
Trends in Coconut Research and Development in India
The technologies evolved in the field of coconut research depicting the details on varieties, agronomy practices, integrated pest and disease management as well as processing aspects.
Study on the effects of consumption of coconut kernel and coconut oil on the serum lipid profile
The full text of the report of the study conducted by the bio-chemistry department, University of Kerala under the leadership of Dr.T. Rajamohan from 1992 to 1995 which was sponsored by the Coconut Development Board to re-examine the nutritional safety.
Intensified Coconut Production with Floriculture
Proceedings of the National Seminar on Coconut and Floriculture held at Thanjavur in 2002. The book highlights various options that are available in the field of coconut and floriculture.
Problems and Prospects of Coconut in North Eastern Region of India
Covers all necessary aspects of coconut culture and industry relevant to the North Eastern States of India.
Quality Planting Material - The Key to Success
Depicts the coconut nursery techniques right from the selection of seed gardens/ mother palms/ seed nuts, hybridization programme and seed garden establishment. Also gives the specific locations of the seed gardens where planting material are available.
Indian Spices - Production & Utilization
Indian Spices - Production & Utilization
Indian Spices - Production & Utilization
Indian Spices - Production & Utilization
Global Coconut Industry - Outlook for the future
Prospects of Coconut Based Cropping System in West Bengal
Coconut Marketing - Issues & Strategies
Tender Coconut
Risk Management & Capacity Building for Coconut Copra Enterprises in India
Cocofest 2007
Kera Bhaksolpannangal
Recommended Packaging for Coconut Handicraft
Recommended Packaging for Coconut Food Products