Last Updated : 15 May 2024

Coconut Development Board Institute of Technology (CIT) Keenpuram
South Vazhakulam, Aluva , Ernakulam. Pin-683 105
Phone: 0484-2679680 , Email: cit-aluva(at)coconutboard(dot)gov(dot)in

Services offered by CDB Institute of Technology (CIT)

  •  Certificate course on Neera Processing including theory and practical sessions at different stages of processing and storing of Neera to be covered over a period of 4 weeks.
  •   Training Program on Coconut Convenient Food which includes Coconut chips, Coconut cookies, Coconut chocolate, Coconut pickle and Lemonade using coconut water. It’s a 1 day training programme in batches with a course fee of Rs.250 per participant.
  •  Training Program on Vinegar making for 2 days training with a course fee of Rs.1500 per participant.
  •  Training Program on Minimally processing of Tender Coconut for 1 day training with a course fee of Rs.250 per participant.
  •  Technical service for setting up of coconut neera and other coconut products processing unit.


Technology Demonstration and Training Centre

India is endowed with excellent resources for promoting Coconut based industries especially in farm level processing. The potential in this sector has not been tapped to the fullest extent. Post harvest losses due to quality deterioration in storage, poor handling techniques and inefficient processing, lack of attention to quality and hygiene and poor packaging techniques are some of the factors hindering the development of coconut based industries.

To address these issues, the Board imparts training cum demonstration programs in coconut processing for self help groups, farmer groups, NGOs, coconut producer societies/Federations, cooperative societies and individual entrepreneurs for upgrading their entrepreneurship development skills for optimum utilization of resources, adopting efficient processing techniques, usage of cost effective packaging systems, application of food safety management systems and maintaining desired product quality standards. The broader objectives of the training program are to impart leadership qualities and provide marketing tips, familiarize the participants on quality control and quality management systems being followed in food processing industries.

Training Calendar for Nov 2018 to March 2019
Training Schedule

Report on Training Programmes held at CDB Institute of Technology, Aluva

Quality Testing Plant

The laboratory located at South Vazhakulam, Aluva is NABL accredited and is equipped with advanced analytical instruments and testing facilities to carry out tests for chemical and microbiological parameters of coconut based products and other food products.

Quality Testing Services and Analytical Charges for various parameters
Chemical Parameters
Moisture Content Fat / oil Content Acid Value Iodine Value Saponification Value
Specific Gravity Viscosity Unsaponifiable Matter Acidity Carbohydrate
Protein Fatty Acid Profile Vitamin-E Colour Value Refractive Index
Polenske Value Total Solids Ash content Particle size Toxic Metals (Arsenic, Zinc, Lead, Mercury Etc).
Trace Metals (Na, K, Ca, Fe Etc.) Adulterants in coconut oil Sand/Silica. Nitrogen (N2) Phosphorous (P2O5)
Potassium (K2O)
Microbiology Parameters
Total Plate Count (TPC) Coliforms. Yeast and Mould. E.coli Salmonella. Staphylococus Aureous.