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1 Chowghat Orange Dwarf | 2 Chowghat Green Dwarf | 3 Malayan Green Dwarf | 4 Malayan Orange Dwarf | 5 Malayan Yellow Dwarf | 6 Ganga Bondam

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Malayan Orange Dwarf (MOD)
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Malayan Yellow Dwarf (MYD) Ganga Bondam (GB)
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Chowghat Green Dwarf (CGD)
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Chowghat Orange Dwarf (COD) Malayan Green Dwarf (MGD)
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What are the criteria for Mother Palm selection in coconut ?

Regular bearing habit and yielding not less than 80 nuts / annum.

Age 20 years or more (5 years after reaching full bearing capacity). If the mother palms are the progeny of elite planting material and gives consistently higher yields for a period of not less than 6 years, seed nuts can be collected from such palms. There is no need for insisting 20 years as minimum age for mother palms in such conditions. More Info