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World Coconut Day Celebration held at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh on 2-Sept-2015  

1. Coconut for Family Nutrition, Health and Wellness  - by Dr. Remany Gopalakrishnan, Consultant, CDB

2. Coconut Scenario in Andhra Pradesh and future potential - V.C.Vasanthakumar, Statistical Officer, CDB

3. Potential & Prospects of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) in Andhra Pradesh, Shri. K.S.Sebastian, Assistant Director (Mkg), CDB

4. Major Coconut products & Assistance under Technology Mission on Coconut, Mrs.Resmi. D.S, Assistant Director (Technology), CDB

5. Diseases of Coconut, Dr. A. Snehalatha Rani, Scientist (Plant Pathology), Horticultural Research Station, Ambajipeta, AP

6. Major Pests of coconut, Dr N.B.V.Chalapathi Rao, Senior Scientist (Entomology), Horticultural Research Station, DR YSR HU, Ambajipeta


World Coconut Day Seminar held at Coimbatore on 2-Sept-2013  

1. Farmer Producers' Organizations - by Shri.Sugata Ghose, CCDO, CDB

2. Value addition in coconut and assistance from CDB - by Dr.K.Muralidharan, Director, CDB

3. Processing Neera and Value Addition - KAU

4. Natures Best Coconut from Sami Labs


Investors’ Meet on Coconut Processing Sector held at Kozhikode on 11-1-2012  

1. Commercialized Technologies from CPCRI

2. Innovative Technologies in Coconut Processing Sector - CDB

3. DFRL's Technologies for Value Added Coconut Products

4. Minimal Processing of Tender Coconut - KAU

5. Technologies developed based on Coconut - CFTRI

6. Marketing strategy for coconut value added products - CDB

7. Coconut based industrial park at Kuttiyadi, Kozhikode

8. Coconut cultivation in Malabar Region _ CDB

9. Alfa Laval - Coconut Processing

Symposium on Possibilities of Neera held on 27th April 2013 at Ernakulam

(1) Coconut Inflorescence Sap Products - Neera (Keramithram), Palm Jaggery (Kerachakkara) 
- by Dr.V.K. Raju, Kerala Agri. University

(2) Neera and its Products in International Trade - by Smt.S.Deepthi Nair, Marketing Officer


Newsletter on Coconut and coconut oil - COCONUT INSIGHTS - Vol 1

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil - Articles appeared on Coconut Journal

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