Coconut Producers' Societies (CPS),
Federations (CPF) & Companies (CPC) in Andhra Pradesh

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Progress of Coconut Producers' Society, Federation and Company formation in Andhra Pradesh as on 28-Aug-2017

Districts Name of
Area (ha) Produ-
(Nuts/ ha)
1 East Godavari

Jayanath R, AD

50285 7208.95 14337 637 50 1+1+1+1+1
2 West Godavari

Ravikishore, FO

21561 4489.03 20821 230 16 1+1
3 Srikakulam

Kirankumar, FO

14480 2498.59 17256 119 10 1
4 Vishakapatnam

Revanthkumar, FO

6796 767.21 11290 48 5  
5 Vijayanagaram

Kirankumar, FO

2711 435.92 16080 30 1  
6 Krishna

Marjana Beegum, TO

2116 340.28 16082      
  Total   103071 16100.00 15620 1064 82 8

The Board has initiated the formation of Coconut Producer Societies (CPS) by associating 40-100 coconut growers in a contiguous area with a consolidated minimum of 4000-5000 palms. The objective is socio economic upliftment of the farmers through productivity improvement, cost reduction, efficient collective marketing and processing and product diversification. A farmer equity contribution is also proposed to be mobilized. A matching equity contribution will be sought from the state Government as a one time assistance for making the CPS effective.

CPS - the concept
A non subsidized knowledge based, farmer centered approach in organizing farmers - Total inclusive growth of the farmers - Facilitation, handholding, nurturing empowering and finally leading to sustainability - Group Approach - Development of Infrastructure - Reduction of wastages - Disintermediation of the supply chain - Product diversification and value addition - Enhanced production, productivity - Market expansion.

CPS the methodology
Organization of farmer in a contiguous area 40-100 farmers - Minimum of 10 bearing palms for a member - Legal status by registration under Charitable Societies Act - Registration with the Board - Common byelaw for all the societies

CPS - the activity
Regular meetings and discussion of activities - Collective purchase of all inputs - Effective pooling of resources like labour - Production planning and marketing plan for CPS - Integration of activities in production and marketing - Synchronizing of harvesting - Small scale processing at CPS level - Networking of CPS to an apex body - Better bye-product utilization - Effective logistics - Generation of rural employment - Enhanced and sustained returns to the farmer.

CPS & CPF Formation Progress

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